Sea of Clouds Encounter at Mt. Batolusong

One of my many reasons why I started hiking is to witness Sea Of Clouds. I always see some of breathtaking pictures from Facebook and other blogs how majestic the scenery is. You will be able to witness this scenery commonly at the summit of Mt. Pulag, which is the highest peak in Luzon. Little did I know, it's not just Mt. Pulag offering this kind of attraction, but there were some mountains near Rizal had this kind of view. One of them is the mountain that I climb last year - Mt. Batolusong.

Occidental Mindoro Outreach for Mangyan Tribe

Volunteers do not necessarily have time; they just have the heart - Elizabeth Andrew

Last year of July was a fulfilling moment of my life when I joined for the very first time in outreach program organized by Backpackers of the Philippines for the indigenous tribe of Mangyan at Sitio Mayba in Occidental Mindoro. I've just realized that being a traveller, aside from visiting and exploring different places, we also have the responsibility to give back to the people especially those who doesn't have any access to the modern world. Yes, it's true! The Mangyan tribe we've visited were not as usual poor people we know, some of them didn't know when is their birthday and some didn't know anything on what's going on in our modern society. Some of them also we're not as comfortable talking to "new" people, like us, first time visitors in their community. 

Sunday Hike at Mt. Manabu

I've started hiking last April 2016 at Mt. Balagbag and my first time experience was featured here in my travel blog. After that, I would like to experience more of mountain climbing. So, Team Stranger Danger invited me in their climb at Batangas last May 2016. I've immediately confirmed my availability and witnessed the beauty of  - Mount Manabu.

Birthday Trip at Tambobong Beach

It was on my bucket list to celebrate my birthday out of town. Since I've been travelling a couple of months, I want my special day to be different. Also, since I have a limited time on planning my trip, due to birthday climb was cancelled, I've immediately search on nearest unspoiled beaches. And to my surprise, I've found one beach located in Northern part of Luzon at Dasol, Pangasinan - Tambobong Beach.

My Very First Hike Ever at Mt. Balagbag

This was not a normal Sunday afternoon because of Pacquiao-Bradley fight. And that's the reason why we're not surprised why there were few people hiking at that time. This is my first entry about Philippine Mountains since it was also my first hike. I was not used to hiking before, just only travelling certain places and beach bumming. But due to influence of some newly found travel friends, they've encouraged me to try mountain hiking. And at last, I was able to hike my first mountain - Mt. Balagbag.